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Koyfin is an analytics platform providing users with market insights through tools focused on dashboards, graphs and other data visualizations.

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Cross-Asset Data Coverage

Every investor needs to track and understand macro data around the world. Our data coverage spans across asset classes.
  • Equities

    Our coverage includes all US-listed equities including ADRs and OTC securities. Delayed prices are available for all securities and live prices provided by IEX are available for many securities. All equities have snapshots, financial statement analysis, consensus estimates, short interest and aggregate hedge fund ownership.

  • ETFs

    All US-listed ETFs are available along with the underlying ETF constituents. Use the Holdings function (shortcut: HDS) to see ETF constituents along with weight, performance and attribution of each constituent.

  • Mutual Funds

    All US mutual funds NAV are updated daily.

  • Fixed Income

    Government bond yields from over 40 countries are available on Koyfin along with various maturities such as 10-year yields and 2-year yields.

  • Indices

    All major country equity indices are available such as the S&P 500 and DAX in Germany. In addition, corporate credit indices like US High Yield and US High Grade are available.

  • Currencies

    All major currency crosses are available on Koyfin with live prices.

  • Commodities

    Categories for commodities include Energy, Metals and Agriculture. Use the Commodities dashboard (shortcut: CMTY) to browse the available commodities.

  • Global Economic Data

    Economic data from every country is available in Koyfin. The data can be graphed as a time series in a chart and overlaid with other series such as equities. An economic calendar (shortcut: ECAL) with actual vs. consensus estimates is also available and can be filtered by country and region.

Market Dashboards

We created cross-asset dashboards so investors can view the market trends in various asset classes. 

Complete Market Overview

The home page dashboard provides a pulse on how major assets classes are performing today.

Theme-Focused Dashboards

Other dashboards include sectors, countries, global indices, factors, top movers, global government bonds, corporate credit, forex, commodities and economic calendar.

Professional-Grade Financial Data

Koyfin use S&P Capital IQ as a data partner for fundamental data so you can be sure the data displayed for financial analysis is top-notch. S&P Capital IQ provides data to top investment banks and asset managers on Wall Street.
  • Snapshots

    Security Snapshots (S)

    Snapshot is a one-page summary for stocks and ETFs that provides the most critical information about the security. For stocks, it includes top level information such as description, key financials and additional metrics. For ETFs, it includes classification, AUM, and ETF holdings.

  • Financial Analysis

    Financial Analysis (FA)

    Koyfin provides a powerful tool to analyze financial statements of every US-listed stock including ADRs. All income statement, balance sheet and cash flow items are included, in addition to other template views such as Financial Highlights, Enterprise Value, Valuation, Profitability and Liquidity and Long-term Solvency.

  • Analyst Estimates

    Consensus Estimates (EST)

    The estimates dashboards provides an overview of analyst forecasts for EPS and revenue. The consensus estimate is the average of contributing analysts and is provided by MSCI Capital IQ. Koyfin also has EPS revisions and revenue revisions graphs to visualize whether analysts are raising or lowering their projection.

Advanced Graphing

We built our charting tools from scratch because data visualization is a core competency which differentiates us from our competition. This allows users to easily create, edit and download charts.

Fundamental Graphing

We allow users to create charts of fundamentals like revenue or EBITDA margin for one company or several companies in one chart.

Comprehensive Functionality

Sometimes a simple historical price graph is not enough. Koyfin features advanced graphing features such as intraday price, scatter plot, correlation analysis, long/short performance, and normalized performance graphs.

Interactive And Customizable

Every chart is interactive so you can zoom in or zoom out by scrolling your mouse. Charts also have annotation tools so you can draw trend lines, calculate % change between two points, or create text. In addition, you can easily share charts with a link or download a picture file to your computer.

Personalized Monitor Dashboards

The My Monitors feature allows users to easily create watchlists of stocks, ETFs or other securities to track. Users can create one or many watchlists and use these watchlists as filters throughout the site.

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